Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've mentally been making a list for three weeks now. Then I actually started writing things down. A list in my planner. A list on my laptop. Sticky notes in the kitchen. And now we're finally packing our bags. California, here we come.

Ryan has "work-ation" at a ritzy resort in southern CA. At first, I begged off going along. Even if my mother-in-law could take the big kids, I'd have to bring the babies. That sounded like a lot of work. 

Two things changed my mind. First, a friend whose husband's parents used to live in Dana Point. When she hears we'll be staying at the St. Regis, her jaw drops. We check out their website, see pictures of the pool, and she introduces me to the concept of the cabana boy. Me in a chaise lounge, reading poolside and cabana boy changing diapers. I start to warm to the idea of this trip.

The second (and definitive) thing to change my mind was a simple math equation. (Actuary husband would be so proud.) Go with two, stay home alone with five. Yeah, I'm going.

We leave tomorrow for five days. I'll be honest. It's been heck to pack for this trip. Our biggest outstanding dilemmas are as follows: do we have room for the breast pump? And will we even need it when babysitting at the resort is a hefty $18/hour, 4 hours minimum, plus a $10 fee? And do we take both strollers? One is a simple frame for the infant car seats, the other a legitimate walking stroller. If we get lucky, we just happen upon two extra (free) seats in the airplane, and our babes sleep soundly in the carriers. Unlucky and we're stuck with two carriers, two crying babes on our laps, two strollers, not to mention the rest of our obscene luggage. 

Big kids are already off to grandma's for the night as our flight leaves early tomorrow morning. We had a sour goodbye. I wanted the house clean before we left. We'd been working days on getting the playroom tidied, but when I went down there tonight to check on progress, they were playing a recently invented game of "prop the chairs upside down against the couch and slide down." I screamed. 

Audrey asked me later, "Does this mean you won't miss us when you're gone?" 

For the record, I will miss them. At least a little.

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