Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am a delinquent blogger. My last post was over two weeks ago. I haven't managed to form any coherent thoughts of late, I guess. And our days have taken a very predictable shape now that school has started. What on earth is really interesting to relate?

Bah humbug to coherence and being funny. Here's the gist of what's going on.

Audrey's now in 2nd grade. "We do a lot of reading and writing, Mom." And other facts of interest about 2nd graders: 2nd graders sit at desks, 2nd grader do timed math tests, and 2nd graders have spelling words like, "meadow." I don't know about Audrey, but I'm liking 2nd grade.

Nathan's in kindergarten. As Camille and I were working the other day on a reading lesson, Nathan notes, "You could be teaching kindergarten because we do this same stuff." OK, so kindergarten's not Harvard, but it's fun. Nathan told me about Evan the other day, a crippled boy in his class. "His legs don't work the way ours do." From there ensues a discussion, tied to our earlier reading of the story of the Good Samaritan, about being a helper. And I thank God for inclusion.

Camille's in preschool, our first to go. Last week, she told me about Michelangelo. They did the most creative project, painting on their backs underneath tables to simulate what it must have been like for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We got a book for the library to learn more about Michelangelo, and she soaked it all up. As for the letter for the week? I show her the "w," and she stares blankly at the paper. "Y?" she answers quizzically. More work to do here.

Andrew and Colin: Colin has been officially crawling for a month. Andrew is content to sit and play with his toys. He's not as happy when Colin bulldozes him and steals whatever is his hand. They're at such a fun stage.

And it's getting easier. Never easy, but easier. Here's a glimpse at a typical morning. 7 a.m., everyone's up. I start feeding the babies their cereal, and Nathan unloads the dishwasher from the night before. Audrey takes cereal orders, and Camille demands Honey Nut Cheerios. "We don't have Honey Nut Cheerios," Audrey explains. Camille insists on Honey Nut Cheerios a few hundred more times, and Audrey says "Fine, you're not having anything." Meanwhile, Nathan's built the leaning tower of Pisa with the cups he's unloaded from the dishwasher. I goad him to finish the job. I take a break from the babes to pour the apple juice. Everyone wants straws, and I give in, a move I later regret when the apple juice bubbles over the rims of their cups and makes a sticky mess on the kitchen table.

I'm back to feeding the babes, everyone's got their cereal, everyone that is but Camille. "Where's Camille's cereal?" I ask Audrey, who explains she's not eating this morning because she wanted Honey Nut Cheerios and we don't have any. Nope, not an option, everyone's got to eat. Camille agrees to Shredded Spoonfuls. 

7:45 by this time, and I think, Great, we've got some time. Don't have to leave until 8:15. Mistake. I send Audrey to practice piano, and I work on getting the babes changed and dressed. From upstairs, I simultaneously wipe a dirty bottom and call down to Audrey, "Those are quarter notes, aren't they?" Audrey needs help with the metronome - I run down to adjust it, run back up before Colin's found the stairs. He's managed to pull the trash can on its side, and that's not the place you want to be putting your hand in the babies' room.

I forgot Andrew on my way up, so I'm back down to get him. I hear a muffled, "Mommy, can you wipe me?" Camille's calling for me. If I were Ryan, I'd yell back, "Wipe yourself!" but I dutifully run to the basement with Andrew in my arms, juggle him to one hip, wipe her with my free hand. I wash the offending hand (the other one I need) and run back upstairs. "Staccato with the left hand, Audrey!" I yell down as she continues to practice.

"Five minutes, and we gotta go!" 

We make it out the door on time, and if there's a spare 30 seconds, I brush my teeth. As for lipstick, well, who's got time for that?



jeni said...

Timely, funny, coherent or not - I still love reading your blog! The giggles and insights are great.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it was Ryan, I certainly hope so! He's what, 34 now? Certainly he can wipe himself!

Coherent, what??

Obviously, you meant Nathan, but that slip made the chaotic feeling of your post that much funnier.

Keep bloggin', girl!

Lindsay Dudeck said...

I love your blog, Jen! Joe and I check it often to see if you have a new post---ok, I check it often and then end up reading the blog to Joe. We miss all of the Michels and feel like we're getting to know the two new additions virtually :)

I can so visualize a morning in your household! It makes me laugh, then makes me wonder why we're trying so hard to have kids of our own! Ha!

Carolyn said...

There are few people who could handle this though as seamlessly as I know you do! This is funny, Jen. I'm glad you can see the humor. Seriously, though, you are doing an eternal and significant work, and I pray you are encouraged today!