Monday, May 26, 2008


Groceries delivered to my door at 8 a.m. on Memorial Day. Could life really get any better? This is my third delivery from Peapod. I finally decided that paying a babysitter at the rate of $15/hour to get to the store made a lot less sense than paying Peapod $7 to bring the groceries to me. Generally, the groceries are more expensive, but I'm also not giving in to that last minute impulse to stock my cart with M&Ms.  

Life now with five kids is all about reinventing the way we do life. Sometimes I feel apologetic for the help I do get - groceries delivered, a babysitter's help during the week, friends and family chauffering my kids to their activities. But I've got to be honest. I need it. It's not that any one day is impossible. What's hardest is this sense that life never lets up. In many ways, every parent feels like this. You're on 24/7. And my fear, I suppose, is that someday I'll either collapse from complete exhaustion or, before that happens, lose my marbles. So I accept the help, less and less apologetically, because I know that even though I could probably do it myself, I couldn't keep on doing it myself, day after day, week after week. 

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