Saturday, May 24, 2008

Joining the 21st century

I don't read anyone's blog. Truth is, if you send me a link to your homepage, I might not even check it out. I guess I tell myself I just don't have time for that. Justifying my complete insensitivity? Maybe. Even as I write now, I'm starting to hear a baby cry. It's 6:26 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Last night went something like this: Ryan and I give the babes (Andrew and Colin, 4 months) their "dream feed" at 9:30 p.m. At 2:30, Andrew starts crying. I run downstairs to warm bottles in the microwave (a practice my mom most recently informs me might cause permanent brain damage - but it IS faster.) I hand a sleepy Ryan the bottle and the crying babe, and he trudges down the stairs to the office. Nothing like a middle of the night feed and an episode of Prison Break. Meanwhile, I wake Colin and discover he is completely soaked and stinking of pee. Did I really forget to take off his cloth diaper before bed? Had it been Ryan who had forgotten, you better believe he would have gotten in trouble for that one. Now I only have myself to blame. So I strip him completely down, he cries (it's freezing!), and we finally settle in for his bottle. No burps, I lay him back down and start pumping.

Can I say that the only thing that keeps me going when it comes to pumping is my iPod? Hello - welcome to the 21st generation, Jen. I've discovered the world of podcasts. One of my favs- ManicMommies. Profane at times, I admit, but it makes me laugh. I've decided that may be one of my top priorities in this season of life - just keep laughing. (Thanks to my witty husband, who makes that all the more possible.) Last night's podcast was an episode of Fresh Air. I was in and out of consciousness while learning a little about Richard Nixon - scumbag, I guess. Reminds me of my absolute political naivete when I was a student studying abroad in France. We were discussing Watergate in a class, and I claim that Nixon was a democrat. In my family growing up, if you did something bad, you were of course a democrat.

Yes, I'll probably have to talk politics in this blog at some point. Hopefully, I'm a little better informed now at the age of 33 than I was at 20!

Back to the babes, yes, I think one continues to cry, and that means this blog has to end here really darn quick. I'm starting a blog, certainly not because I have free time on my hands, but because I want to first, make some sort of coherent sense of these very long days as the mother of five (Audrey-7, Nathan-5, Camille-4 (next week!), Andrew and Colin (4 months). I want to remember them, and let's face it. A babybook is not likely in the twins' near future. 


The Quinn Kids: said...

Think it's a great idea Jen! I didn't know you were cloth diapering! That is awesome :) We are going to CD baby Alex. Looking forward to it! Hope you are staying sane! I'll have to look into that podcast.


The Sunderlands said...

Very cool, Jen! I've added your blog feed to my Google Reader so I can keep update on it! I'm a podcast lover as well- keeps me going through workouts. My favorites are MuggleCast (discussion about Harry Potter), Amateur Traveler and the Bible Study Podcast.

Anonymous said...

I used to feel the same way about blogs until I started one to keep everyone informed of our 3 month mission to Seattle. Now that we're back, I can tell who has and hasn't read my blog just by the questions they ask. I find myself being offended when I realize a close friend or family member wasn't following our time out there. Something I need to grow past. My favorite part of other people's blogs is pics, so when you get the chance (ha!) post a few...I can't believe the twins are already 4 months! Love you Jen! - April