Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's quiet at our house this morning. The babes are taking their morning nap, and Ryan took the older three camping last night. My mother-in-law called last night and left a message with a note of concern in her voice: "You won't be lonely tonight, will you?" The quiet is a gift, a lifeline. I fight the anxiety to spend it well!

Tomorrow is our anniversary - 12 years. How do 12 years go by so quickly? It feels like we've lived several lives in this short span - a lifetime ago it was that both of us went to work in the dark hours of the morning and came home exhausted. We lived then in such separate spheres: Ryan, studying for his exams, working; me, teaching, coaching, grad school. I remember how easily it could have all fallen apart, this marriage of ours. I remember God's mercy in preserving us and protecting us. There's no doubt there are three people in this marriage. 

When I married Ryan, I knew he was "the one" because he was the only man I'd every truly admired. That is true still today. I love this man, I respect his man, and I admire this man. Yes, there are faults and shortcomings. Read past blogs and you'll find mention of some. But what's most true is that I depend on Ryan for so much. These past seven months have been full as we've grown to a family of seven. I expected sleep deprivation and stress: I didn't expect the laughter. If for nothing else, God gave me Ryan to keep me from taking myself and life too seriously. 

 They leave for camping yesterday afternoon, and Ryan turns back to say: "If I call you, it's for one of two reasons. Either Camille has lost a leg, or you need to come and get her." (God bless her, Camille is hell-bent on testing every fiber of our parenting resolve.)

Or when the family conspires to cut my step-father's comb-ups. Ryan sends me a hilarious Dilbert cartoon, picturing Dilbert's boss with his own version of comb-ups. The subject line states wryly, "Guy on the left." That sends me into hysterical laughter for a good 10 minutes. 

When the family is coming apart at the seams, he asks, "OK, so who's getting voted off the island?"

For the serious actuarial type that he is, this guys is pretty darn funny.
Twelve years can race by, and you can still be in love with the same man. 

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Cindy Pratt said...

Happy Anniversary, dear friends! We love you guys and so value our friendship with you. Thanks for the example you are to us in your faith, parenting and marriage.
See you Tuesday!