Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birds and Bees

"Somehow, I didn't picture having this conversation over dinner." And neither had I. Earlier this afternoon, I'd seen Audrey in the basement, reading a book from our teach-your-kids-about-sex series (God's Design for Sex - Stan Jones). I thought it was the first book in the series, the one that sort of eases them into things like the proper names for anatomical parts, etc. It also introduces basic concepts of Christian marriage and family. We've already read this book together with all of our kids. But we hadn't yet gotten to book two, the one that tells about S-X. Book two is suggested for ages 5-8, and this summer, Ryan and I had agreed we needed to read it with Audrey.

She beat us to the punch. And right in the middle of dinner, she started talking about how a baby begins as small as a little dot. I asked, "What book were you reading down there?" She runs downstairs to get it, and I see it's the S-X book. Oh boy. Here we go.

"Let's read that book together after dinner." The other four get bathed and tucked into bed, and Audrey and I go upstairs to snuggle up with the S-X book. (Cozy, isn't it?) I'd never pictured feeling awkward about this moment. And honestly, I really wasn't. The book does all the hard work - you just have to read it. As we read the part on puberty and your body changing, she insists (looking down her shirt), "that's happening to me!" I explain that the changes the book was describing don't happen until you're closer to 12, 13, or 14. Then she looks at my chest and asks, "How long does it take to grow those?" "A couple of years." YEARS??" she asks incredulously and with great disappointment.

Moving on, the book describes S-X, and it doesn't mince words. (God forbid, my daughter's going to be the one at school setting everyone straight that S-X isn't just kissing and hugging!) We finish, and I say, "You will be curious about this and will have more questions. I definitely would prefer you asking me rather than your friends who may not know the right answers or God's way." She asks me a few questions, a little giggly and awkward. And we finish our conversation with a short prayer, that God would protect her and prepare her to love her husband, that she would be faithful to God and to her husband by choosing God's way, etc. 

August 2nd, sex talk, check!


Carolyn said...

OK, so I pulled out my Stan Jones books after reading this post, but I'm missing book 2 (we inherited these from someone, and I think that one was left out!). I must order it on Amazon because I will for sure need someone else to put the words in my mouth! Thanks for sharing this special moment!

Cindy Pratt said...

I agree with Carolyn, thanks for sharing! I'm always learning things from you, Jen, and this is a big one! I've heard of these books and will need to get them. Our philosophy on dealing with the kids' questions is to take the opportunity to talk with them and answer appropriately. Sounds like you did this very well!
See you soon!