Friday, October 17, 2008


How apt that after my last post (re:chronic sin issues), I have to now issue an apology. God is good. More and more, I realize what is unfortunately true about me: I can be disagreeable just for the heck of it. I try to sound smarter than I am. I am not always even-handed and fair with my own criticism but will criticize you squarely when you're not. 

The apology is this: I've offended a friend with my 2nd political post (Smart Turk, Dumb Christian), and I deeply regret that. It wasn't that we had disagreed on the issues. Both of us, I think, welcome healthy debate. It was that she had seen it as a direct criticism against her earlier comment on my first political post. To be clear, the second post was not at all intended as a direct rebuttal - that would give me credit for remembering something for more than an hour, which frankly, I'm not sure I'm still capable of. But looking back, I can see that she could have reasonably interpreted it that way and had every right to feel embarrassed by my words. I apologize.

It's likely true that I overstated in the second post when I said that Christians who are one-issue voters are intellectually lazy. This was an unfair generalization. It is more fair to say that as Christians, we should engage in the issues as critically as we can, but for many, our moral convictions may trump all else when it comes to actually casting our vote. That is a respectable position.

Thank you, friend, for letting me know that this had embarrassed you. I think our phone conversation today was a great example of Christ calling us to keep short accounts. When we've been hurt, we've got to speak up to guard against bitterness and unforgiveness. And when we do the hurting, we've got to be quick to admit our faults. 

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